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  • Want to get fit, drop those stubborn lbs and regain your body confidence but struggle with MOTIVATION and GUIDANCE to do it alone
  • Want to get fit, healthy & strong with like minded people in a non judgmental environment
  • Want to join a supportive community where we all work hard together to achieving our goals
  • Want to have more energy throughout the day so you can be more productive and motivated towards fitness and all aspects of life
  • Improved Figure and Appearance whilst changing bad habits and introducing positive lifestyle adjustments
  • Drastically Improve Nutrition with expert dieting guidance to accelerate your results and hit your goals in record time
Reserve Your 21 Day Pass NOW!
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👇Here's what some of our members have to say!👇
I found out about Tribe training online and originally came to build up my fitness and strength, I now feel stronger than ever!
Callum is super
friendly and encouraging no matter what fitness level you are. The Tribe make
everyone feel welcome whether it is their 1 st visit or their 100th ! I would 100% recommend it to anyone!
I highly recommend Tribe training. I have been coming for a couple of months now and can really feel the results.
Callum is a great PT who is always going round to people encouraging them and keeping them going.
Everyone who goes is supporting and makes you feel welcome.
If having fun and losing weight at the same time is your goal then tribe training is for you.
I do Crossfit anyway and have been for 3 years,
but I’ve lost my speed and endurance and wanted to get this back. But also wanting
to loose body fat and gain and build muscle. Since I have joined I’ve lost 5kg in weight in 7 weeks and look more lean. I’ve feel
stronger and have more energy.
I absolutely loved it, even if you just go from the social aspect and you get fit at the same time!
What's included in our 21 Day Challenge?
  • 21 Days of REVOLUTIONARY Group training sessions
  • Join EVERY single group session (if you like) for 21 days
  • Over 10 Sessions everything to suit every hectic lifestyle
  • Specialised programs for your desired goals
  • Incredible support to keep you motivated
  • Initial discussion to gather your fitness requirements, targets and goal setting
  • Movement Assessment to gauge form during functional movements, joint stability, balance, and muscle imbalances
  • Support and Guidance from our Industry Experts
  • Exercises TAILORED and PERSONALISED to your ability
Our Session Times - 
Our Female Only Workshop - Monday 1800-1900
Our Male Only Workshop - Monday 1900-2000
Mixed Session - Tuesday 0930-1015
Mixed Session -  Tuesday 1900-2000
Mixed Session - Wednesday 0630-0700
Mixed Session - Wednesday 0930-1015
NEW POUND Fitness Session - Wednesday 1800-1845
NEW HIIT Workout - Wednesday 1900-1945
Boot Camp Thursday 1800-1900
Boot Camp Thursday 1900-2000
Mixed Session - Friday 6:30-0700
Boot Camp Saturday 0900-1000

Hey, I'm Callum ...

I created Tribe Training Boot camp with one goal, to help people transform their bodies so they look and feel amazing.

My focus is to abolish nutrition and training inaccuracies. I am frustrated by the amount of misleading information within the fitness industry, and want to stop fad dieting and meal replacement shakes. I created Tribe Training to educate people with the knowledge they need to train effectively, eat well and lead an amazing life.

I’m here to support you through every step of your health and fitness journey.

Hey, I'm Elenna,

I’m a coach at Tribe Training (and studying towards my Level 3 PT) with a passion for fitness and helping people achieve their fitness goals!
I’ll be there for every step of your fitness journey to keep you driving towards your goal! Whether it’s losing weight, building muscle or general fitness/body toning!

Where are our Boot Camps Located?

Leiston Community Centre


Castle Manor Academy


Clements Primary School

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